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Tactical vs. practical edc

By- respadmin | Nov 27, 2015 | No Comments

Are you prepared? For what? Why that and not something else?

We continually make choices that are relevant to being ‘prepared’, most of which we don’t bother to pay attention to. Whether it be personal defense, first aid, disaster recovery, or the trip you take to the hospital to welcome your new baby into this world, the items you carry upon your person, in a bag or case, and in your vehicle are the things we should consider as Every Day Carry (EDC) items.

A lot of people begin with the gun as the basis for EDC but that is a mistake. Sure, they can play an essential part in a person’s defense, but there are so many other things that will be used more often. So I suggest planning for every day use. Like what? Cash. Everyone should have some cash on them, any time they are outside of their home. Period.

How about a flashlight? I like to have a flashlight with me as often as possible. I use it more often than one might think, and others use it even more. 😉 There are some powerful, compact lights available these days so get one. You’ll be glad.

A cell phone seems pretty obvious, especially a smart phone so you have access to information (news, weather, directions/navigation, contact lists, etc). Being able to send and receive email and text messages can come in handy during difficult times as well.

Another value provided by cell phones is the ability to tell you the time, something many of us rely upon constantly. That is, until the phone is dead or otherwise not available (cell network failure?). That’s why I’m considering a wristwatch that keeps accurate time and can handle the elements (and that looks cool, too). I also try to have a pen with me as much as possible, too.

Of course i need a knife or two (one small and one…bigger). Knives are used for all sorts of simple and mundane daily tasks. While I’m never going to be able to skillfully use a knife in defense of an attack, if I must deploy the knife the other guy is going to bleed. So I’ve got that going for me…

Ok, now for the gun. This has been beaten to a pulp, so I’ll simply say it needs to be something you can comfortably carry every day for the length of your day, and you need to be able to hit your target too. For me, a S&W J-frame is EVERY DAY with an occasional Glock mid-size for special reasons or circumstances. 

What else do you have with you, daily, that puts you in a position to call yourself prepared? In theory it’s really simple… create a system that works for you and that becomes a part of your daily routine, but in practice it can quickly become convoluted and impractical. So work on your practical EDC and the tactical aspects will find a more realistic place in your system.

Jot down some things that you carry daily and we’ll compile it all and post the highlights.
Your EDC

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