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EDC results from our readers

By- respadmin | Nov 27, 2015 | No Comments

Every Day Carry

Para cord
Duct tape
Epi-pen (for those pesky yellow jackets)
Leatherman multi-tool
Cell phone
One 325mg Aspirin tablet
Sig 239 .40S&W loaded with frangible ammo
Spare magazine loaded with JHP
Cell phone
Cash (at least $75)
Small Surefire
Small knife
Lighter (always on me)
Small Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) with me or in my vehicle

For longer trips:
Larger medical kit with all the necessities to keep some one alive and stable until we get to a real hospital (yes, I’ve trained to use it).
Glock 30 with 2 extra mags
Again, for specialized circumstances, I also carry an AR15 variant in the back of my car when I’m going long distances.
Also in the car, a case of bottled water, snacks and such.
Flint/steel kit
Some wet weather gear (it is Oregon, after all)
Heavier clothing if the weather turns
Blankets or a sleep system
Part of my EDC is a friend or two who also have guns and know what to do in case of an emergency.

My current EDC:
Surefire flashlight (clipped in my pants pocket)
Smart phone
Earphones with mic (no more Bluetooth’s)
Two Debt cards
Straight blade
S&W 5 shot with Crimson Trace Laser loaded with MagSafe.
Para cord bracelet
Durable watch

Contents of my man bag:
Lap top with charged battery
Power cords
Thumb drives
250gig backup
Check book
Ranger candy (600mg)
Gerber all-in-one tool
Assorted batteries
Projector connection cables
Speed strip for revolver
Colt commander or G22 depending on my mood.
Extra loaded mag for both
Assorted hygiene effects
Training log and pens/markers
Small bandages

In my car:

More knives tactically situated.
OC pepper spray (for entertainment purposes)
More hygiene effects
Towels and rags
A really cool hatchet
Chem lights
Rope and chain with hooks
Jumper cables
Rubber dipped work gloves
Head lamp
Disposable camera

I would love some ideas on how to secure a long gun in my vehicle…

Idea. Someone I recently met carried a deep cell emergency car battery and cables in the trunk of his car.

Thanks to Jim and Nick for all their great input.
Thanks to everyone who added to the list. Keep sending suggestions and I’ll compile it in a couple months.

Your EDC

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