The place to shoot is an indoor
pistol range and gun shop.

Whether you want to learn firearm safety from trained professionals, teach your family to shoot, practice for handgun competition, or want advanced training for personal defense or Law Enforcement, The Place to Shoot has something for you. We have 21 lanes in our main facility and a tactical training room. Both ranges are outfitted with a plate-armor grade bullet trap and ventilation to continually circulate fresh air throughout the range. Our priority is to provide you with a fun and safe environment to enjoy shooting and to hone your skills.

We do require you buy targets and ammunition from us, however, we (T.P.T.S.) do not over-inflate ammo prices! As a matter of fact, ammo sales are what keeps our doors open. So, unlike the movie theater, it won't cost an arm and a leg to buy our "pop corn". Customers who show up at the range with ammo from GI Joe's or Fisherman's are always disappointed when they see that our ammo is cheaper and of better quality.

Yes, you can get great deals at Wal Mart. But, there is something to be said for quality. The Winchester "white box" is about the lowest quality we will go. The other stuff, especially steel case (Wolf types), will not be sold at our range, its just too hard on the guns. The cheaper quality ammo is smokey and definitely dirty. Ps. If you have a particular ammo you like that we don't stock, ask us, we can special order (and usually beat anyone in town).